Mask, Mask?

What do you think of the mask I made? I made it with clay less then a year ago. I'm actually pretty proud of the result, it wasn't hard to make and it was really fun (kind of long though, with the spirals). I really like masks. You can do pretty much anything you want. They help you hide your emotions, by hiding behind a mask, or expressing them, by art. I think I'm going to miss art classes.

I just had my first textile class today. It's a 3 hour class but she let us leave after 1h30 because not everybody had all the necessary materials. I can tell in advance that I'm not going to like this class very much. I'm going to try and convince myself otherwise, because lying to yourself works to a certain point. We are going to learn about cotton, yarn, fabric (etc) and how everything is made and all the processes it goes through. Sounds exciting right? Even so, I'm going to try my best and prove to myself that I can do it. At least we have cool homework, she told us to go shopping and feel the different fabrics.

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  1. ugh, those early textile classes can be so boring! but they tend to be pretty easy to do well in so good luck! I found your blog via IFB, I'm looking forward to reading more!