SHINee 샤이니

I absolutely have to dedicate an article to them. They are a korean boy band and their ages vary from 21 to 17 years old. I have been listening to them for over 1 year now, I love seeing them evolve from their first song (Replay) to their newest/best song (Lucifer). Their videos are very boy bandish, but their style (especially in Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer) is amazing! Their songs are very catchy and can be played on replay all day. You never know what to expect. I think what has amazed me the most, besides the style, is how good they are live, they sing the song perfectly and manage to dance at the same time. If you have the time, definitely check them out.

Click HERE to see how amazing their are! P.S. Yes they are singing live and they are usually 5 memebers but one of them is injured.

I couldn't love their costume more, I love how they have one boot/knee brace that's really high and you can never go wrong with leather. The Black vest that Jonghyun is wearing is amazing (with the open back), I might try making something like that soon. The cape is funny, I can't say I agree with it but it made me smile. The vest that Key (half of his hair is shaved off) is wearing is really cool, I like the row of studs on the sholders.

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