Excuse me mister.

I didn't really know what to write about, and I was going through my pictures and I saw this one from the Fashion and Design festival in Montreal this summer. There were runway shows from about 6-11pm, it was really great. They had bands playing on the stage during the runway shows, and the Pinup Saints happened to be one of them. After their show, me and my friend went to the side of the stage just to get some air, and the band happened to exit on that side and we asked for a picture. They were really nice and I love their music. The singer really wanted to give us a CD but they didn't have any left. It's really rare, but they actually sound better live then recorded.

Here's a link to their most popular song: Mister

What do you think about their music? I love the sequined hood that the female singer wears in the video.

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