Fur fur fur~

I'm so happy! About 2 years ago, I was browsing stores online and I saw a very unique fur hat. I instantly feel in love with it. I think that it was on a german site, I don't remember the name of it, but it cost about 70$ on the site and I wanted it badly. Unfortunately I couldn't buy anything online because 1: I didn't have a credit card and 2: my parents are scared of buying things online, and hate spending money. Today, I went to Simons just to browse around, and what do I see? Almost the exact same fur hat! I had to buy it, it was only 40$ and fall is coming. It's so perfect, the only problem is that I don't know what to wear with it at the moment. It doesn't really match with my fall coats except my black one. My winter coat is in royal blue suede-type material, it could almost fit with that. Of course it isn't real fur, I would never wear real fur. I don't like to follow trends but there is a major fur trend that is going to be going on this fall/winter. Fur has been on so many runways this season. What do you think about wearing fur(fake or not)? Do you think it looks good?

My bangs have finally grown out enough for me to do a strait seperation line. I used to have bangs, then side bangs, and now no bangs! Last week I was thinking of getting my hair cut and getting bangs again, but I don't think it would be worth it, bangs are high maintenance. What do you think? It feels good not always having hair in my face, or always replacing my bangs because there's a seperation in it. You can't see my separation in the picture, but I'll probably post one soon.

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