First day!

It's my first day at college today. So far I like it, the first class I had was composition of simple garments, it's 4 hours long. We didn't do very much, the teacher explained the class plan and what we needed, and we all introduced ourselves. It took me the longest time ever to find out where my locker was. I checked at least 3 different locker rooms until I found it. To find mine, I had to go into a locker room, and it was like a locker room inside a locker room. Kind of complicated, but now I know where it is (thank god because I had all my sewing stuff with me with huge rulers and annoying things to carry). The picture is what I'm wearing, a simple white shirt with nude/pinkish lace shorts. The picture isn't very good but it's all I can do. I got my shorts at H&M for 35$, it's now my favorite piece of clothing.

I'm halfway finished reading a book called The House of Gucci by Sara Gay Forden. So far I like it, it talks about the Gucci family, the problems and fights they had and also how they run the business. I'll write a review when I finish it. I'm giving myself until next friday to finish it.

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