So, I though I would talk a little about Vogue, the magazine. I'm subscribed to Teen vogue, which I love. It isn't the most inspiring magazine I know (Z!NK is amazing for inspiration) but the articles are fun and the photo shoots are fresh. I like who their covergirls (90% of the time), they like strong, independent girls who have good values. I doubt that they would ever put Lindsay Lohan or Britney spears on the cover, they aren't exactly role models. Although I like teen vogue, I can't say the same for american vogue. It's kind of boring and the photo shoots don't amaze me. It's not a horrible magazine, I just think they could be more creative.

My favorite is Japan Vogue. I actually only have 1 issue, I was at the airport in Paris and I sacrificed my before flight meal to buy it. It was totally worth it, I still look at it today and love all the looks. They're very creative and more spontaneous. I think everyone should purchase a Japan Vogue at least once and see for themselves, the difference. My dream job would be to work for them.

Have you ever seen a Japan Vogue magazine? What do you think of American Vogue?

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