Z!NK is one of my favorite magazines. It only has 4 issues a year and I'm in love with it. My favorite thing has to be the photo shoots, which are incredible. They are always fashion forward and have great taste. The only con is that a lot of their models are extremely skinny and look unhealthy. I would highly recommend this, even if you just flip through the pictures.

Today was my first graphic process application class, it was 5 hours long and I felt like it would never end. I'm sure it will become very interesting, but imagine a teacher explaining the class and the material for 3 hours, then going on the computers to work with adobe illustrator for 2 hours. The adobe was fun, but I already have some knowledge of it so she would go into details and then I would zone out and be completely lost. I have so much to buy in this class! In total it's probably going to cost me around 200$, and (it's optional but I think I need it) I have to get Adobe CS5 and a drawing tablet. At least I got an appointment with the job counselor next week, so hopefully I'll get a job soon. Sorry for the boring post about my day, haha.

What do you think of Z!NK?


  1. We never heard of Zinc until we read your post and now we are hooked! We have even researched getting a subscription of it here in Ireland!
    Thank You so much for sharing!
    Fifi & Niamh

  2. That's great! I hope you like it.

  3. Sometimes I like their images, but most of the time they look too artificial for me. I prefer images that don't have so much obvious retouching.