Outfit: Dress (that I wore as a top) from H&M, Brogues from Aldo, pants from dynamite, purse from Aldo.

I started applying for a few jobs today, like Banana Republic and H&M. I know that it would be a lot easier to find a job in a restaurant because I already have worked in one, but I really want experience in retail. Even though I need the money, I would barely mind working for free just to get some experience. Any tips? I'm feeling a bit discouraged because I feel like you already need experience in retail to get a job in one, but where do you start? When I went to Banana Republic with my resume, the manager said to apply online (which I already had), but when I had called the store prior, they told me that I had to come in person. I told him that, afterwards he asked for my name. I hope it's a good thing, because I've done a lot of research on their company and worked really hard on my cover letter.

Today I cut out my first official pattern on material, Friday we are going to start making a skirt. I'm really excited, I'll post a picture of the finished project. I hope it turns out well.

Yesterday I went to see Piranha at the movie theater. It's so disgusting! I was horrified, haha. I wouldn't recommend you go see it unless you like seeing thousands of people getting eaten alive by piranhas.

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