~ random update

I've been a lot more busy these days with school, but I like it. I love having things to do. If you didn't already know, I'm studying in fashion design, it's my first year. I've heard that about 1/3 or more of the students drop out or change programs the first year. I kind of wonder if that's true, I'm very sure I won't be one of them. There hasn't been anything new lately so I'm not very sure what to post about, but I'll think of something soon, after a bit of rest. I've started drawing with photoshop, it's pretty hard but it takes some getting used to. When I have anything decent I'll post it. So yes, a very random post, but I'll post something better soon!


  1. Very random, but this looks delicious.



  2. That looks amazinggg! I want some!

    love love love the blog!!


  3. Hey Stella,

    I hear that 1/3 of students change their major whatever program they're in lol. I have faith that you can pull through it! Good luck!